Infrared Saunas are the new way to detox, tone and lose weight fast and they are fast becoming the method of choice for most people globally.

Unlike traditional steam-based sauna, infrared use a lower heat which is designed through target wave technology to warm you from the inside out, rather than the outside in, to help the body detox faster and lose weight faster.

The key benefits of stripping down in infrared hot-boxes include detoxification from heavy metals and toxins, clearer skin, faster muscle recovery, and yes, weight loss.

And this isn’t referring to water weight either, or rather fluid retention. The light waves of infrared saunas penetrate deep through the skin into the inner parts of the body to burn through fat, and clear the system of both body fat and blood-bloating fats; like cholesterol. And there is scientific evidence to back that.

Once study conducted at Binghamton University in New York exposed people to an infrared sauna three times per week for 45 minutes. After four months, those who used the sauna had up to a 4 percent drop in body fat compared to the control group whose body fat did not change.

Although researchers didn’t control the diet and exercise of all the participants’ outside of the experiment, it’s no coincidence those who took part in the infrared portion of the studies showed cleared signs of weight-loss, compared to those who used other methods.

Either way, there is certainly enough evidence to support the idea that infrared technology works, in targeting areas of the body not easily accessible when targeting weight-loss.

So whether you are looking to detox, de-stress, relax, or relieve tired muslces, there’s no doubt you will also find yourself sweating out all the fats too. Helping motivate you to be healthy, stay healthy and love life more